» Comics - Eggfiltration: 12 - October 21st, 2011, 11:44 pm

Average Rating: 5.00
ยป Comics - Eggfiltration: 12 - October 21st, 2011, 11:44 pm

     Average Rating: 5.00




Zman , October 21st, 2011, 11:44 pm

Dammit I was wrong.

Metal Sonic sprites by Cybershadow

Zman , May 25th, 2018, 9:28 am

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The blue fox , October 21st, 2011, 11:47 pm

4th panel is the best thing ever

Nocturnal-biatch , October 21st, 2011, 11:48 pm

The thought of eggman as a girl just scares me.

A teenage girl eggman would make my brani explode

gatemaster , October 21st, 2011, 11:48 pm

Wow omega lost weight

Ultimate the Hedgehog , October 21st, 2011, 11:51 pm

i was right yay!

Advertisement , October 22nd, 2011, 12:06 am

Eggman would look pweety :3

Sqoby , October 22nd, 2011, 12:46 am

I'd fap to it.

HyperTurtle32 , October 22nd, 2011, 12:59 am

If you need me I'll be having nightmares about Eggman being a teenage female now...

Kirbysmith [DJ] , October 22nd, 2011, 1:02 am

It's crazy that the funniest thing that I've heard today so far was Metal Sonic being loyal to Eggman. XD

lakie_da_HEDGEFROG! , October 22nd, 2011, 1:41 am

... i would love to see eggman female-teen-ified

Shadow_Da_Hedgie , October 22nd, 2011, 1:56 am

The 4th panel has one of the best quotes of anything ever.

Shadow-Dinosaur , October 22nd, 2011, 1:58 am

Wonder what he really wants to use the machine for.

pensuka , October 22nd, 2011, 5:04 am

see i knew it was metal sonic

Porky , October 22nd, 2011, 5:12 am

There actually IS a comic about Eggman being a teenage girl.

And is this Metal Sonic servile, or is he being sarcastic?

Hero of Comedy , October 22nd, 2011, 7:27 am

Eggman a teenage female? That idea is both hilarious and horrifying.

Arc Impulse , October 22nd, 2011, 8:23 am

I have but a hubmel request. Take the formula for your teenage girl body, and give it shades and a big bushy mustache.
I just really want to see what it'd look like.

masterof16-bit , October 22nd, 2011, 8:54 am

*imagines eggman as a teenage girl*

sonicstar4453 , October 22nd, 2011, 9:39 am

4th panel is the funniest!

GreyouTT , October 22nd, 2011, 9:51 am

The machine would never be able to change Eggman completely into a teenage girl. He/She would still have a mustache.

MEEP GOD , October 22nd, 2011, 9:52 am


But why did he get a paint job?

PinkPanda2333 , October 22nd, 2011, 10:04 am

i lol'd so hard at the 4th panel!

Umbra the Bioweapon , October 22nd, 2011, 10:25 am

Who didn't see this coming?
Even if Metal Sonic is sucessful, wouldn't Eggman have some trouble getting it to work? PAM's not likely to come back to his base intact, considering that there's bound to be some resistance at Tails' Lab. It could malfunction again, and lord knows we don't want to see what PAM could do to Eggman...well...some people might, I can't speak for everyone here.

Hyper Shadow , October 22nd, 2011, 4:44 pm

I like how Metal isn't being sarcastic he's literally asking these questions honestly since he is confused about the whole thing.

kevansevans , October 22nd, 2011, 7:33 pm

And the plot gets more elaborate.

sonicmaster05 , October 23rd, 2011, 12:04 am

Why do I feel that, Eggman will tamper with the machine and then turn metal sonic organic to look like the real sonic, and the plot will go on from there?

Blitz3124 , October 23rd, 2011, 2:29 pm

1: knew it was metal sonic
2: nice metal sonic sprites Cybershadow
3: i can c eggman thinking bout being a girl

Vaan the darkhog , October 25th, 2011, 7:45 am

since eggman can mass produce many robots i bet he wants the machine to turn all those robots into mobian/human form so he could control a army of super powered worriers. Imagine if he mas produced a army of Sonic's.

That or turn himself into a super powered mobian like sonic.

Hydra , October 26th, 2011, 11:46 pm

Vaan the darkhog i like that idea that would be so awesome sonic wouldn't be able to stop him because sonic would be fighting an army of himselves and also knuckles and shadow might have fun in that battle

Ancient (Guest) , October 28th, 2011, 5:37 pm

After the things one such as I have seen, nothing surprises me now.

Void The Hedgedemon , October 28th, 2011, 8:15 pm

i knew this day would come well
goodbye life *loads gun aims at head*

Alex the Dark , October 29th, 2011, 4:59 pm

Eggman... a girl... teenage girl........*Boom*
Thedar: Sweet, his head blew up.

greenpowerstar , October 31st, 2011, 1:23 am

I think I'm gonna be sick!

Edit: You know what would be worse than Eggman as a teenage girl? Eggman as a teenage girl having her period.

Kiku-chan , October 31st, 2011, 9:00 am

"I will aid Dr. Eggman in his mission to become a teenage female."


artistafrustrado , November 13th, 2011, 8:41 pm

ahahaha i think metal understood the plan better than everyone else, cuz eggman ovbiously wants to be a sexy tennage girl xD

i wonder if metal sonic is using sarcasm or censorship? xD

NekoVira , September 12th, 2012, 1:06 am

I demand a Link to that comic.

Knuckles the Echidna (Guest) , May 11th, 2014, 5:56 am

Teenage Girls.... the most spoiled thing known to human kind.... not meant to be racist but to be taken as a joke.... love is still stupid though...

matthewftw123 , August 8th, 2015, 2:29 pm

ok i will aid eggman on his mission to make me a teenage female.... just imagine metal sonic as a teenage female!!!
it just made me crack up so hard

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